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Senior Citizen ♦ Lone Worker ♦ Child/Teen

Utilizing the latest advancements in GPS and cellular technology, the Eagle Eye is an easy to use MPERS (Mobile Personal Emergency Response System) that instantly connects you with our 24/7 monitoring service.

♦ 2-Way Communication
♦ GPS triangulation
♦ Personal Emergency Contact List
♦ Geo-Fencing w/notifications
♦ Bread-Crumbing
(GPS travel history)

With three out of four Americans age 65 and older coping with health concerns such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and respiratory diseases (The biggest impact will be on their families). More than one in ten adults over the age of 50 takes care of aging family members. Our device will give those seniors their independence back and their families the reassurance that their loved ones are safe.

Seniors and the elderly are not the only people that could benefit from a PERS alarm. Medical conditions and ill health can affect any person of any age. Kids are just as vulnerable as the elderly. As parents, no matter how hard we try to protect our kids, sometimes we are not readily available in the event of a medical emergency. With our busy lifestyles of work and earning a living, our children are often left at home in the responsibility of a caregiver for long periods of time.

The Halo unit is waterproof, lightweight, can stay charged for up to 3 months (depending on user usage), and comes with a neck lanyard and standard charging unit. Built into the Halo is GPS technology that can triangulate the location of anyone just about anywhere in seconds.

♦ 2-Way Communication
♦ Up to 3 months battery life on one charge (depends on usage)
♦ Personal Emergency Contact List
♦ One big button to push for two-way voice communication
♦ Small and light weight

Statistics show subscribers of Personal Emergency Response Systems have fewer hospital admissions and shorter stays after they subscribe. This allows them to live independently longer. For elderly people who live alone, becoming incapacitated and unable to get help is the common event which usually marks their ability to live independently. A nationwide survey conducted by AARP states that 95% of American seniors in the age group of 75 or older prefer living independently in their own homes as against living in an independent senior care facility or a retirement home.

Safe Watch America’s Sidekick is the most complete vehicle tracking solution with geo-fencing and crash detection. This service is ideal for anyone who is constantly commuting or for parents with teenage drivers, who want to watch over their new drivers' habits on the road.

The Sidekick only takes about 30 seconds to install in any vehicle made after 1996 - you simply plug it in and the device is ready for use!

♦Real-Time Vehicle Tracking
♦Vehicle Travel History Map
♦Geo-Fencing w/notifications
♦Speed Thresholds w/notifications
♦Crash Emergency Response w/notifications



Fleet Management from the Sidekick allows business owners to completely track all their vehicles simultaneously from This is perfect for security and trucking companies, and even Title Loan companies. This low cost device will help employers concerned about the whereabouts and safety of their employees by enabling the use of a state of the art real-time GPS tracker, geo-fencing, and electronic breadcrumbing capabilities.


Simplify a complex medicine regimen

Medication management can be difficult with age and complex medication schedules. Automated medication dispensers help simplify complex schedules by only giving a subscriber access to the correct medication, at the correct prescribed time.

When the medication is ready, an audible or visual alert is produced to remind the subscriber to take their medication. If the subscriber does not take their medication within a pre-determined period of time the dispenser transmits a signal to our monitoring center and one of our trained operators alerts the user, or if necessary, a member of their notification list.

Customer Testimony:

Just this week Safe Watch America provided assistance to my 91 year old mother-in-law who fell and could not get up in the early morning hours. She was wearing her Halo as a pendant and pressed the call button on the front of the device. Without this help, she would have been on the floor for hours… a daughter in law and EMS was sent. EMS were very impressed with the GPS system and monitoring service of Safe Watch. Our thanks to Safe Watch America!

- Carolyn Livanec

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